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Our Mission

The STEM Future Foundation has been created as a charitable and educational nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing underserved children in under-resourced urban and rural communities access to high-quality education in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Our Vision

The STEM Future Foundation will facilitate our children’s development through our use of the leading-edge hImarQs™ technology. The STEM Future Foundation has the exclusive rights to use hImarQs™(world's only K-12 online STEM assessment tool) donated by the owner of hImarQs™ Inc.


Access to this type of superior unlimited education as a child can be life-changing, but also expensive. The STEM Future Foundation has been formed specifically to provide this pivotal resource free of charge to nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping under-served children and provide additional resources to help support educational development in under-resourced communities.  


To learn more about the functionality of hImarQs™ STEM Edition technology and its potential to significantly alter the educational landscape for America’s youth Click Here.

Our Goal

We're reaching out to various different nonprofit organizations that we feel best serve children in under-resourced urban and rural communities to provide them with access to 

hImarQs™ software and the opportunity to participate in our, WE ALL WIN WITH STEM! (WAWS!) Academic Achievement Program.


From participation in WAWS! research-presentation modeled academic program the organization also receives additional educational resources, national press, local and national community allies.

All of these services are provided for the purpose of strengthening and growing organizations that raise awareness about the importance of quality STEM education for children in grade levels K-12.


Our goal is to bridge the educational achievement gap for underserved youth and

diversify participation in STEM studies to afford America's children the best opportunity to compete for jobs in the global economy of the future.

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