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Silicon Valley Students Win With STEM!


Spring-N2-Math Kick-off

on April 2nd for Silicon Valley

students at Berryessa Union

School District sponsored by

The Frankenberg Family Foundation.


The STEM Future Foundation and Godfather Motorbike Extraordinaire are partnering with Cherrywood Elementary School to provide students year-round access to new technology resources and STEM academic programs.

For 8 weeks, students will explore STEM topics, engage in creative group activities and complete fun research-presentations on their chosen STEM careers. Local Champions will receive $150 Foot Locker gift cards and the GRAND PRIZE winner will receive a Nintendo Switch!


Tech-week students learned to build flashlights and are assessed on their knowledge of gaming and blogging using hImarQs STEM Edition software. Hidden geniuses have been discovered! A student scored 100% on the Game and Blog Exams and 3 more students scored 100% on the Blog Exam!


WAWS! Engineers Week students put their creative minds into overdrive developing balloon cars! Our Silicon Valley future innovators worked in teams through the engineering design process to generate and compare multiple possible solutions to plan, build, and test cars powered by balloons.


Week four students selected a STEM career that piqued their interest to research and develop their projects to present on Competition Day!


The Cherrywood students from Classroom 3 sent an extra special Thank You message to Rob Frankenberg for visiting on their first day of WAWS! and helping them to learn STEM!

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